Our Mission

About the Profession

The vast majority of accountants and financial professionals—80%, in fact—work inside businesses and organizations. Their work is essential to financial management, organizational development, and the achievement of strategic goals. While external auditing is a very visible part of the accounting profession, sound internal finance and accounting operations are essential for the proper functioning of any organization. The roles and responsibilities of internal accountants and financial professionals include:

  • Managing functions that are critical to business performance
  • Supporting organizational management and strategic development
  • Providing accurate and insightful information for better decisions
  • Ensuring that organizations operate with integrity and proper governance
  • Planning for the long-term and helping to ensure sustainability
  • Safeguarding the interests of the organization and its key stakeholders

IMA’s vision is to be the leading resource for developing, certifying, connecting, and supporting the world’s best accountants and financial professionals in business. We do this by:

  • Providing best-in-class certification—the CMA®— for critical internal financial management responsibilities, including planning, budgeting, business reporting, decision analysis, and risk management.
  • Supporting members’ career development through access to an active professional community, continuing education, valuable information, and resources.
  • Supporting members and their organizations in driving business performance by promoting the highest ethical standards for internal financial management practices.
  • Building a peer network of professional relationships to share industry experience, access career opportunities, and make business contacts to last a lifetime
  • Giving a voice to the profession with insightful and timely journals and newsletters
  • Promoting leading-edge research and industry best practice.
  • Advocating for the profession in a challenging regulatory environment

IMA currently represents over 75,000 accountants and financial professionals in business. The participation of each of our members makes the success of our mission possible.