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By: Hanadi Khalife – Senior Director, Middle East and India Operations

As yet another chapter of this pandemic unfolds before us, the perception of it being one of the most unprecedented and challenging times in history prevails. No matter the time zone, everyone is equally trying to maneuver amid fluctuating economic uncertainty.. But, unlike any of the disasters that preceded us, we are more technologically empowered to remain operational than in any other moment in time.

2020 has served us a concoction of natural disasters, geopolitical instability, chemical explosions, and volatile market conditions, coated in the icing of a pandemic. So, yes, things have never been this challenging, at least not in one go. While my heart broke as I witnessed my home country Lebanon and its innocent people face one of the largest explosions ever recorded, it mended just a little as I saw the global community come together to support Lebanon during this difficult time. I also saw the UAE giving us hope, quite literally, with the Mars mission that placed the Arab world at the forefront of new headlines, without the usual political tag. I met dozens of leaders who are using innovation, analytics, and technology like never before to inform their future decisions and help them to survive the next economic chapter.

As daunting as crisis can be, it can also be a stepping-stone to better outcomes. Scholars and researchers are all too familiar with the power crisis can have on organizations and change, with some considering it a “turning point” in an organization’s journey – in this case, the entire planet!

In the meantime, the accounting and finance profession has stepped up to the plate and proven to be a guiding light for leaders who, like all of us, need strategic insight at this crucial time.

Here at IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), we remain dedicated to supporting this profession by empowering the men and women who represent it and providing them with continued knowledge and resources to keep driving value in their organizations.

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