IMA Academic

IMA Higher Education Endorsement Program

IMA’s (the Institute of Management Accountants) Higher Education Endorsement Program is a program that identifies business curriculums that meet the quality educational standards required to enable students to earn the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation, and it helps other schools develop such programs. 


To Know more on how well does the CMA Program align with typical undergraduate and graduate programs, click here.



IMA Campus Advocate Program

IMA's Campus Advocate program will help you demonstrate your commitment to the professional career development of students. You will be mentoring students while adding value to the accounting profession and encouraging CMA certification.


Students - Put IMA® to Work for You

IMA can help students open the door to a dynamic career and as an IMA Student Member you can access all the benefits of regular Professional Members at a significantly reduced rate. Join over 4,000 peers starting their careers as members of the leading organization of accountants and financial professionals working in business.