Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Leadership Succession Planning

Johnson & Johnson


•  Best-in-class finance leadership development program

•  Decentralized operating units and companies create a challenge inidentifying future leaders


•  Certification strongly supported throughout  the organization

•  Financial incentives awarded for achievement of certification (5% salary increase)

•  Program has been used to identify future leaders for decades


Case Study 2:

Identifying Top Talent

Defence Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS)



•  Management wanted to build a finance/accounting development program to identify top talent

•  Previous training did not achieve desired goals


• IMA worked with the organization to identify core competencies

• Core competencies mapped to job responsibilities

•  Organization aligned each job position with professional certification

•  Leadership supports certification; CMA earned by  top leaders


Case Study 3:

Improving Business Performance



•  Leadership believed that increasing the number of certified professionals on staff would improve financial

     performance of the organization

•  Management desired to increase competitive advantage through sharpening of knowledge

 and skills of finance/accounting team


•  Increase number of certified professionals on staff

•  Provide support for certification training

•  Incorporate into individual training and development plans


• Within one year: 70% certified or in process of  earning certification

• Within five years: percentage of certified professionals increased by 20%


Case Study 4:

Validating Knowledge Gain

IBM Corporation


•  Well-established development program for finance and accounting talent, based on

 rotational placement and specific skill training

• Corporate culture did not support testing as part of training program; no mechanism to validate knowledge gain


• Work to identify existing rigorous and respected certifications, whose body of knowledge tests the core competency requirements of each job

• Implemented and incented training participants to achieve certification as evidence of mastery of specific defined skill set

• Residual benefit to organization: Mechanism now is in place to validate knowledge gain