Set Up a Chapter

Want to set up a local chapter?

Chapters are established through a charter granted by IMA in accordance with specific requirements. Each request for a chapter charter will be considered on its merits after the requirements have been met and documented.

A new chapter is developed in a geographic area not served by an existing chapter. If this area has more than 100 persons within convenient traveling distance that could benefit from participating in an IMA chapter, that area is considered a prime prospect to establish a new chapter.


If there is a real need for a chapter, and if each step of the process is completed in sequence, establishing a new IMA international chapter is a straightforward and simple process. The steps involved, in sequence, are listed below; more detailed descriptions of each step follow.

  1. Notify IMA's community relations associate of your intent to organize a chapter.
  2. Form an organizing committee.
  3. Prepare a member/industry survey containing:
  • A brief description of the territory to be served and a map
  • A list of the members of the organizing committee
  • A list of IMA members in the area (available from IMA)
  • A list of potential members
  • At least five letters of support for the proposed chapter from community leaders in business, industry, and government
  1. Obtain approval of the member/industry survey from IMA.
  2. Hold a general organizational meeting.
  3. Investigate any registration and legal issues with the formation of an international chapter in your area.
  4. Submit to IMA a listing of proposed chapter members (current members plus new-member applications) totaling a minimum of 25.
  5. Nominate chapter officers and directors.
  6. Sign the Articles of Agreement with IMA headquarters in the U.S.
  7. Receive charter and elect officers and directors.
  8. Create a simple website based on a template from IMA with the chapter website hosted by IMA.