Prince Sultan University

Prince Sultan University was originally founded in 1999 as Prince Sultan Private College, but, in 2003, the Ministry of Higher Education declared it to be a university. It was inaugurated by HRH Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud who is the Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and Inspector-General. PSU is a non-profit institution established in Riyadh by Al-Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Science and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. PSU is the first private University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Learn more



The Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSA) program provides high-quality training and education in accounting. The program is designed to furnish students with the necessary background and skills for undertaking a variety of accounting occupations. In addition, internship in accounting provide students with an opportunity to obtain career-related job experience through full or part time employment. The program recognizes that precision and rigor are essential in the accounting practices of today's business and non-business institutions. Learn more


The PSU Accounting program is endorsed by the IMA. Students that have successfully completed the program should be well prepared to sit for the CMA exam. To learn more about the program, please contact Dr. Mohammad Nurunnabi at 





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