CMA Certification
CMA Certification

Download free CMA questions

Download 20 real exam questions and see how prepared you are. You’ll also get news and updates related to the CMA program.

Download free CMA questions

Download 20 real exam questions and see how prepared you are. You’ll also get news and updates related to the CMA program.

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    What is the CMA Certification?

    The CMA ® (Certified Management Accountant) certification is a globally recognized advanced accounting credential offered by IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants). The CMA has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals for the past five decades.

    With ever-changing national and global regulatory environments, our certification provides finance and accounting professionals with both credibility, and the knowledge needed to thrive in their careers.

    Job Roles for CMA-Certified Professionals

    With a robust understanding of high-level decision-making, expertise in financial reporting, forecasting, performance management, and the skills needed to adapt to changing business environments and technological advances, professionals who earn the CMA can play a central role in their organization’s financial strategy and future performance.

    What are some of the key responsibilities of a CMA-certified professional?

    • Financial reporting (i.e., income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
    • Identifying investment opportunities and supervising the entire department
    • Providing financial insights to senior managers, enhancing the decision-making process
    • Developing strategies to enhance and overcome multiple internal and external risks
    • Monitoring and ensuring compliance while managing financing and other  decisions

    The CMA Program Is Open To All

    Whether you are an experienced accounting professional or a student who is now embarking on their professional journey, the CMA certification will give you a professional edge over others, allowing you to lead the financial growth of sought- after global organizations. Once a CMA certificate is attained, candidates enjoy access to a myriad of IMA membership benefits, including networking opportunities, continuing professional education, and the ability to work in diverse verticals.

    Benefits of Earning the CMA:

    • Globally recognized as a rigorous certification
    • Offers a range of career opportunities along with professional growth
    • Allows for achieving professional excellence in your field
    • Sought after by leading global brands and companies

    What Does the CMA Program Cover?

    The CMA program enables finance and accounting professionals to master 12 core practice areas within the management accounting competency framework, including planning and budgeting, financial reporting, internal controls, technology and analytics, investment decision-making, and performance and risk management.

    CMA- certified professionals can find employment opportunities across a wide range of industries, including:

    • Finance, insurance, and banking
    • Manufacturing, construction, and mining
    • Communication, transportation, and utility services
    • Real estate, mining, and education
    • Health and medical services
    • Government and not-for-profit

    Count on the CMA


    Core practice
    areas mastered


    CMA has been around
    for almost 50 years


    of CMAs report certification helped their professional growth*


    higher salary for CMAs vs. noncertified peers*

    *IMA’s 2023 Global Salary Survey

    Work towards these dates

    May/June 2024

    First exam date: May 1
    Last exam date: June 30
    Last day to register for an exam: June 15

    Register for Part 1  |  Register for Part 2

    September/October 2024

    First exam date: September 1
    Last exam date: October 31
    Last day to register for an exam: October 15

    Register for Part 1   |  Register for Part 2

    January/February 2025

    First exam date: January 1
    Last exam date: February 28
    Last day to register for an exam: February 15

    Register for Part 1   |  Register for Part 2

    CMA: Everything you need to know

    The CMA exam: 2 parts covering 12 competencies

    Part One

    Financial planning, performance,
    and analytics.

    • 15%

      External financial reporting decisions

    • 20%

      Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

    • 20%

      Performance management

    • 15%

      Cost management

    • 15%

      Internal controls

    • 15%

      Technology and analytics

    Part Two

    Strategic financial management

    • 20%

      Financial statement analysis

    • 20%

      Corporate finance

    • 25%

      Decision analysis

    • 10%

      Risk management

    • 10%

      Investment decisions

    • 15%

      Professional ethics

    Worth your time

    CMA Certification
    • 12-18 months to complete both parts, on average
    • Up to 3 years allowed to complete both parts
    • 150-170 recommended hours of study per part

    A league of our own

    CMA Certification
    • 50% pass rate globally
    • 4,000 CMAs granted each year on average
    • 140,000 CMAs awarded to date, each and every one earned through testing

    Have what it takes?

    CMA Certification
    • Bachelor’s degree or professional accounting certification required
    • 2 years of work experience required
    • Successful completion of parts 1 and 2 of the exam

    Questions about
    taking the CMA exam?