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Includes entrance into the CSCA® program, one exam registration, and two years of access to the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series™.

*IMA membership is additional and also required.


Campus advocate program

Invest in your students and become a Campus Advocate. You will serve as a vital link between IMA and your campus.

Higher education endorsement program

Institutions can earn a stamp of approval to recognize programs whose curricula meet the quality educational standards required to enable students to earn the CMA credential.

List of IMA Endorsed Universities in the Middle East


IMA educational case journal (IECJ)

IMA’s quarterly online journal is a perfect venue for publishing your teaching cases and case-writing research. It’s also an ideal tool for teaching students about real-world dilemmas.

Student and faculty awards

IMA proudly sponsors a variety of competitions, awards, grants, and scholarship programs to help academics and students earn recognition for their achievements.


CMA scholarship

Put your students on the path to success – help them pursue the CMA at no cost.

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