Unveiling the Future of Finance: IMA’s Middle East Annual Conference Focuses on Vision 2030

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, November XX, 2023 – The prestigious IMA Middle East Annual Conference was successfully hosted in Riyadh on November 4, shining a light on Vision 2030’s transformative potential for the future of finance in the region. Financial experts, leaders, and innovators all gathered to discuss strategic thinking, AI, leadership, sustainable finance, and ESG.

Ahmad Mkhallati, Senior Director of IMA Middle East, India & Africa Operations, illuminated this vision, saying, “Vision 2030 isn’t just our roadmap; it’s our beacon towards a redefined financial landscape. We’re not just planning for tomorrow; we’re architecting a new era where accounting and finance lead as pillars of innovation and sustainability.”

Central to the event was the unveiling of IMA’s new office in KSA, a strategic move that underscores the commitment to nurturing and serving the accounting and finance profession in the region. This expansion is set to play a crucial role in aligning local practices with global standards, further enhancing the region’s influence in the global financial arena.

Vision 2030 has set a new course for the future of the accounting and finance profession in Saudi Arabia. This event signals the transformation of traditional accounting jobs and roles, becoming integral in shaping sustainable, ethical business practices. This moment marks a pivotal shift, reimagining the profession to drive not only economic growth, but also sustainable development in the region.

In line with this strategic vision, a significant emphasis is being placed on upskilling and reskilling programs to prepare professionals for upcoming challenges. Educational initiatives are being designed to ensure that the accounting and finance workforce in Saudi Arabia is not just ready for the future, but is leading at its forefront.

The conference’s agenda explored a new chapter for financial professionals in the Middle East. The panels were centered around leveraging AI, fostering dynamic leadership, and embedding sustainable and ethical practices – all integral to steering the region towards unprecedented financial prosperity.

Nader Shinnawi, Chief of Training Subsidy Program at Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) said, “We’re not just part of a financial evolution; we are at the forefront of it. Our collective efforts, as showcased in this conference, are pivotal in cementing the Middle East as a vanguard in global finance.”

The conference’s success would not have been possible without the support of its strategic sponsors, SOCPA and Aramco, and platinum sponsors including Pepsico, PwC’s Academy, Morgan International, Gleim CMA Review, Hock International and the various local IMA chapters. Their contributions played a significant role in shaping the event’s impact, ensuring its resonance throughout the Middle East’s financial community.